Benefits of Stretching

Daily stretching is often over looked as a necessity of a healthy lifestyle but it is as important for peak physical performance as any other workout, if not more so.

A good stretching routine will help you to develop flexibility in your joints and muscles which will reduce the risk of injury overall. It also  can improve your posture and reduce any achy feelings you might have. 

5 Benefits of Stretching

  1. Flexibility – Regular stretching leads to your joints and muscles becoming accustomed to the strain involved and increases their tolerance for high stress.
  2. Range Of Motion – As you stretch your joints and muscles will become used to extending to their full natural range giving you increased movement range.
  3. Preparation- Stretch prepares your muscles for upcoming physical exertion which will increase your performance in said activity.
  4.  Posture- Muscle imbalances are common in the modern age and can lead to poor posture and pain. Stretching can help to correct these imbalances and thus improve your posture. 
  5. Circulation- Stretching can help improve your circulatory health and through this can increase the blood flow reaching your muscles leading to a increase in strength and stamina.

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