I was referred to the Total Physiotherapy Group through my company’s occupational health department following an injury to my neck and right shoulder.  The treatment programme started with an ergonomic assessment of my VDU workstation which focused on how I interact with the VDU equipment including posture and seating position.  At first the changes the assessor recommended appeared small and it wasn’t fully obvious how they would be beneficial.  However the assessor had taken a photograph both before and subsequently after the assessment which was an excellent way to visually reinforce that the changes he had made clearly changed my posture in a way that would reduce the stress on my neck and shoulder.

Subsequent to the ergonomic assessment I was referred to my local clinic (Hazel Grove, Stockport) for a course of Physiotherapy.  I was contacted by their Administrator who agreed with me the best dates & times to suit my availability.  What was perfect for me was I then received e-mail reminders so I didn’t overlook my appointment.

Upon arrival at the Hazel Grove branch I found an easy to access car park where I never failed to find a space.  I found the reception area to be clean and welcoming and generally I was seen within a couple of minutes of my appointment and always received the full session time.

Throughout my course of physiotherapy I was treated solely by therapist James Holland.  Consistency of physiotherapist was important to me as it meant once he understood my injury he was able to devise a personal treatment plan as well track my progress through our conversations during the treatment.  Prior to the treatment I had envisaged my treatment would consist of a bunch of hand-outs describing exercises I should undertake in my own time – I based this on previous experiences of physiotherapy at an unrelated practice.  However I was pleasantly surprised when the treatment plan, which did consist of an exercise regime, was also complimented with soft tissue mobilisation (targeted massage – I’ve learnt the lingo). Importantly to me, I also received an in depth explanation of `why` I had the neck and shoulder restrictions and `how` the exercises and treatment would over time assist in the healing process.
James was always a consummate professional who clearly believes in his vocation and always put me at ease – even putting up with my long and possibly boring anecdotes about my life! (Thank you James for listening!)

After my treatment was over I was asked to make a subjective assessment of how much (if at all) I felt I had improved as a consequence of the treatment and the exercise plan.  Albeit that’s a difficult question to answer I would say I have at least 60% more mobilisation and an equal drop in daily pain as a direct result of the treatment and exercise plan – more so I`m convinced that post treatment I can maintain and hopefully improve upon it.

I would have no problem in selecting The Total Physiotherapy Group if I ever require physiotherapy in the future

Anthony Gee