Sports Massage Blackburn

Manchester and the history of Physiotherapy

The team at Total Physio are proud to provide Manchester and the North West with professional and personal physiotherapy services. A city built on the pioneering work of industry, science and medical professionals, Manchester was

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Benefits of Stretching

Daily stretching is often over looked as a necessity of a healthy lifestyle but it is as important for peak physical performance as any other workout, if not more so. A good stretching routine will

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Sports Massage

Regular participation in a sport or strenuous activity can take a heavy toll on your body, often leading to injuries and pain. Without taking any steps to mitigate the effects that even the most minor

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Marathons and Physiotherapy

Marathons and Physiotherapy Competing in a marathon, a full 26.2 miles, is one of the toughest endurance test that can be undertaken. The strain involved in training for this trial is infamous for its intensity.

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General Benifits of Physiotherapy

How can physiotherapy help? Physiotherapy can help with most painful musculo-skeletal conditions.  Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain and help you return to whichever activities you are struggling with (for example, work, chores or sport).  If

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