Sports Massage

If you regularly participate in sport or you are preparing for an event such as a marathon, building sports massage into your training plans can help to improve your performance as well as prevent injury.

However sports massage is not just for athletes, this deep tissue massage can help deal with an array of problems caused by the demands of daily life, including poor posture, physically demanding jobs, or jobs which require you to sit at a desk all day.

This specialist care can also alleviate long term problems caused by tension in your muscles and regular strain on your joints, ligaments and tendons.

If an injury has occurred, sports massage can aid recovery by helping to improve flexibility and mobility and preventing the build up of scar tissue.

As one of the country’s leading sports injuries specialists and a trusted partner of Lancashire County Cricket Club, we understand how frustrating it is to be out of the game. Our focus is to return you to peak performance as quickly and safely as possible, whilst ensuring we communicate with you every step of the way, from diagnosis to your return to your sport.