Sports Massage

Regular participation in a sport or strenuous activity can take a heavy toll on your body, often leading to injuries and pain. Without taking any steps to mitigate the effects that even the most minor injury can have on your athletic performance you’ll be left unable to take part in the activity you love because of the strain your body is feeling.

What is a sports massage?

Simply put it’s a massage which targets the soft tissue of the body with the aim of reducing tension and stress. Its main goals are to aid in the recuperation process and to help athletes to avoid the little incidents which can get in the way of your overall performance

Why a sports massage?

Sport massages aren’t only beneficial for those with injuries and while they do speed up the recovery process they can also help you to Improve your overall sport performance and can help to prevent the variety of smaller injuries which can drag you down.

Sports massages are a tried and true method to aid with sport performance. They share a lot of their core principles with a normal massages but focus more on the deep tissue more associated with power as opposed to the surface level approach of some types of massage.